February 12, 2012


A PS1 resolution (480p) mock-up of what Final Fantasy XIII Versus would look like if it was done on the ps1 using the Final Fantasy VII engine.

It was a lot of fun trying to figure out how Squaresoft used to do prerendered backgrounds and adding low poly realtime 3D characters on top of them. Intentionally downsampling images and using low quality frame buffer effects was surprisingly fun!

Pretty much everything except for the text and adding the realtime grab of the non-antialiased character to the prerendered background was done in Blender, even though that could've (I think) been done inside Blender too by assigning stuff to render layers.

I went a bit crazy with Noctis' hair so that's propably not to ps1 spec. :P

I've had this sitting on my HD for far too long because I was planning to do other stuff around it too but thought I'd just put it up instead as is.

Hope you find it interesting!

edit: The image was posted as an article on Gematsu, fun stuff!